Saturday, 3 December 2011

Nazi Salute at Pompey Demo...

Do You Know This Man?

EDL Member gives Seig Heil in Queens Street, Portsmouth 16/07/11
On Saturday 16 July the Nazi EDL invaded Portsmouth for one of their infamous "demonstrations". Five members of the far-right group were arrested and charged.

The EDL claimed this demo was organised to "show respect for our troops". We wonder what  the fallen troops of WWII would make of an EDL "patriot" [sic] showing respect by presenting the Nazi salute withing yards of Portsmouth Dockyard, from where tens of thousands of English men were dispatched to fight the Nazi meance.

We also wonder how drunken yobs hurling racist abuse, bigotted chanting and violent clashes with the Police could be deemed in any way "respectful" to our war dead or British troops today...

This is not an isolated case: Nazi salutes are a common feature of the EDL street movement.

If you know this man we would love to hear from you. Please email us, in the strictest confidence:

Sources: YouTube // Portsmouth News // Hampshire Constabulary

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