Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New Anti-EDL Poster Exposes Groups Nazi Face...

Portsmouth Nazi Watch launches new poster campaign...

WE at PNW Towers are pleased to announce the launch of our new poster campaign, set to continue lifting the lid on the Nazi Face of the racist, far-right English Defence League [EDL].

All the images used on the poster are taken from EDL Demonstrations or EDL Members Facebook Profiles and reveal the real nature of this neo-nazi "street movement"; Swastika tattoos, Third Reich Flags, Hitler Salutes...this is the true face of the EDL!

Look at any of the propaganda published by the EDL and by simply replacing the word "Muslim" with "Jew" you will see the frightening reality and history of these street thugs and organised gangs of hooligans.

Please feel free to share the poster widely on the internet and if you would like a hi-resolution copy, suitable for printing or photocopying simply email us at:
(Image comes in full colour at 300dpi, A4 size suitable for both A4 reproduction or enlargement to A3)