Thursday, 15 December 2011

EDL Thugs Plan Attack on Peaceful Occupy Portsmouth Protesters...

Other far-right Groups Muster for Violent Confrontation!

Portsmouth Nazi Watch have become increasingly alarmed by the level of serious threats Portsmouth EDL are making, both publicly and privately, towards local people supporting the peaceful, International 'Occupy' movement.

The non-partisan Occupy movement is an all-inclusive activist group, featuring everybody and anybody; from young mothers to old-aged-pensioners, from students to dustbin men, nuns and vicars to lollypop ladies ... in fact, if you have a maiden Aunt, chances are that she is a member to! It isn't hard to see why it has achieved universal appeal, with its message of improved social justice, accountability and equality, representing "the 99% of the population" who are angered by the mess our society now finds itself in.

Months in preparation, Occupy Portsmouth have been planning to bring an "educational university" to Portsmouth Guildhall Square on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 December. Unlike static camp set-ups elsewhere this will simply be a two-day community event over just one solitary weekend.

You may be wondering what on earth the English Defence League [EDL] are doing bothering themselves with Occupy campaigners, a non-denominational movement. After all, isn't the EDL's objective simply to oppose "islamic extremism" [sic]? In fact the Occupy movement have recently become the focus and target of the EDL, with a staggering 170 EDL members being arrested in London on 11th October after making open threats to attack the OccupyLSX protesters in St Paul's Square.

Despite its repeated claims to be a non-racist, single-issue pressure group, the EDL was founded by ex-members of some of the most insidious and reactionary far-right and neo-fascist groups in the UK; the BNP, Combat 18 and Blood & Honour to name but three. Those who have the unenviable task of monitoring the far-right movement in the UK warned from the start of the true nature and intentions of the EDL and this warning is now being borne out with the EDL openly taking a far-right, white supremacist position. We now see the EDL openly endorse and link with ex-members of the British National Party [BNP] to back the "fluffy fascism" of the newly formed British Freedom Party [BFP].

Facebook Threat

Famous names that support the international Occupy movement include Britain's leading fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, national treasure Alan Bennett, legendary graphic book author Alan Moore, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Russell Brand, Brad Pitt, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rage Against The Machine, MC HammerMia Farrow, Anne Hathaway...hardly the hotbed of "red commie scum" the EDL have stuck in the poor, misguided minds.

Baby-Faced Nazi Jake Hyland
Old friend of NaziWatch, Pompey EDL's very own baby-faced Nazi, Jacob 'Jake' Hyland (aka Chubzy Nfse Hyland) was so incensed that local people wished to exercise their democratic right to free speech that he got jolly angry indeed, stamped his little jackboot and allegedly "scweamed and scweamed until he was thick".

As the Occupy movement is a broad church of people and political beliefs we are unsure why "red cunts" have to watch their backs but we speculate that perhaps the "red mist" lowered when Jacob realised the people of Portsmouth may wish to organise their own protest, peacefully, without the assistance of the EDL and a load of beer-swilling, violent thugs hurling racist abuse and raising bigoted chanting - as we saw when one of the EDL's national "flagship" demos [LOLZ] hit Portsmouth back in July. Occupy's somewhat more good-natured, community based approach to demonstrating may certainly come as a surprise to genuine local people who had been conned into thinking the nasty EDL way was the only way to express opinion on the streets.

Baby-faced Jake immediately set about creating an event on the Facebook Social networking site, "NO to the portsmouth occupy camp", which he then solely invited his tiny clique of EDL cadres to.

"Smash these scumbags" Hmmm, nice!

Despite this event being set-up by an active member of the EDL, and boasting a guest list consisting entirely of EDL members, we wonder if he felt a tad foolish, or indeed deceptive, in announcing this was "not an EDL event." This claim may seem somewhat odd, considering it's organiser and guests are all EDL and that both he and fellow local EDL goon Martin 'Jaco English' Jackson feel the need to re-iterate that "EDL colours" (ie the tacky hoodies and cheap, nylon flags emblazoned with EDL slogans) should not be worn.

We do not know of any other organisation, protest or event where people are strictly and repeatedly told to hide and disguise who they are and what they represent. Hardly the "famous EDL" who "Never Surrender" they loudly and proudly slur on their drunken, public jollies?

Stinkbombs, smokebombs, maggots and March for England [MfE]
One tiny detail that our Jake seems so keen to ignore is that Occupy Portsmouth has never actually intended to set-up a "camp" in the Guildhall Square! They have only ever intended to hold a single weekend "educational university".

Occupy have even publicly confirmed this to our Jacob:
"There is NO occupy camp! There is only a weekend University  ... The university is aimed at the whole community and bringing it back together; for example the Shop Locally plan to reduce the amount of importing. We are not 'scum bags' we are hard working members of your community who are fed up of the corruption we are ALL victims of ... The University is an open family event and ALL are welcome as long as it is peaceful ... Occupy is not UAF or SWP or a group of any kind. Its the people standing up and saying no to the corruption. All our meetings are open and anyone could attend. Everyone that attended did so because they support Occupy and the University."

Just in case Jacob missed that yet again in may be worth repeating just one more time:
"There is NO occupy camp! There is only a weekend University."

Hyland (pompeyinfidel) and friend almost blow themselves up "experimenting" before Saturday
Word reaches us from some of his fellow "patriots" [sic] that Hyland is now crapping himself after stirring-up his mighty Aryan Army [LOLZ] to battle such an evil terror...that does not, and never has, existed! If it wasn't bad enough that Hyland has egg-on-his-face amongst his tiny peer group of white supremacists they've actual sent out invitations to the wider nationalist movement on the South Coast to come and stamp out the awful Marxist Menace ... of ... erm, some students, some small children and civic-minded local residents meeting to discuss recycling, green energy and locally-sourced fruit'n'veg!

Smeeton with new Southampton partner Paul Lock
Hyland is right to be bricking it because amongst the dinosaurs of the far-right he has woken from their slumber is "Pompey" Dave Smeeton (from Fareham), the vertically challenged leader of the far-right March For England [MfE]. Like the EDL, MfE are another of those far-right white nationalist groups full of racists who claim not to be racist. "Pompey" Dave Smeeton (from Fareham) has been beavering away of late and was spotted hosting a fundraising event for the racist MfE at the Carisbrook Arms, Gosport on Saturday 10 December.

"Pompey" Dave Smeeton (from Fareham) will be particularly annoyed by young master Hyland, the racist rapscallion, because he had set aside this weekend especially to wine-and-dine his new nationalist love interest, the leader of Southampton FC's EDL Division, Paul Lock. God knows what Lockie will make of it all!

Smeeton and Lock, sitting in a tree...
Both "Pompey" Dave Smeeton (from Fareham) and his March for England cronies maintain that they are neither racist or in any way associated with the English Defence League. It may strike you as odd then that he has a number of EDL pages listed on his Facebook Profile:

"Extremists Off Our Streets!"

Of course, listing known racist groups, who you have publicly distanced both yourself and your organisation from, whilst odd is no real proof of involvement or complicit support. After all, isn't March for England's main slogan "Extremists Off Our Streets!"?

MfE's annual event is a march through Brighton. This year's Brighton march saw eight arrests and the involvement of a large and violent EDL contingent.

Perhaps it is time to peruse a photo of "Pompey" Dave Smeeton (from Fareham) seen in a group shot amongst some of the more extreme far-right racists and neo-Nazi leaders in Britain today...

Extremists call for Extremists Off Our Streets! Ain't irony marvellous!!!
The Extremists' Extremists (from left to right):

ROBERTA MOORE (Dark hat and sunglasses)
Roberta Moore is the former leader of the Jewish Division of the English Defence League.  She is largely shunned by Jewish Groups around the UK for her extremist views and for courting the support of convicted terrorist Victor Vancier. Vancier is the leader of the Jewish Task Force (JTF) who was imprisoned  for his involvement in 18 bombings in New York and Washington DC. Vancier's organisation is banned in both the United States and Israel.
Moore also has close ties with extremist Rabbi Shifren who claims that 'killing gays is god's law'.
Born in Brazil, Moore claims to have served with both the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) and the British Army. However she has offered no proof of any of these claims so they remain in doubt.
Moore was involved until recently in a very public spat with PA to the English Defence League's Leadership, Hel Gower. Moore was co-chairperson on the Muslim hating English National Alliance and had forged links with terrorists and is becoming more extreme in her rhetoric as time passes.
In conclusion, Roberta Moore, an incredibly puzzled woman is a terrorist endorsing, media obsessed, attention seeking anti-Muslim Islamophobic sell-out, who is marred with fascist and xenophobic qualities, and has aligned with dangerous fringe extremist groups to further a warped agenda.
Full article and more damning evidence over at EDL NEWS.

RAQUEL WEALD (Spanish flag)
English Democrats and EDL
Bit of a nobody if we are honest.

"POMPEY" DAVE SMEETON (FROM FAREHAM) (Baseball cap and sunglasses)
March for England and EDL
Ex-6.57 football hooligan and lovelingly referred to as "The Gaffer" in local far-right circles.
BartsNotes have provided extensive coverage of "The Gaffer" here.

MARK LOVELACE (Holding flag)
Portsmouth BNP Branch Organiser and Hampshire BNP Region Organiser

Some Mad Old Crone (Kneeling)
Do you know this woman? Email us!

KEVIN CARROLL (Holding 911 wreath)
Joint LEADER of the EDL
Kevin Carroll was effectively declared leader by Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon aka Paul Harris) after the Dudley demonstration claiming that Carroll would have final say in decisions. Kevin Carroll is Tommy Robinson's cousin and generally considered to be one of the founding fathers of the EDL. In July 2010 he lost his appeal against his conviction for public order offences at the Luton homecoming parade for the Royal Anglian Regiment. It was the events in Luton in March 2009 that prompted the EDL’s formation.
He insists he is not racist, yet he revealed in a BBC documentary, Young, British and Angry, that he had signed the nomination papers in the 2007 Luton council elections for Robert Sherratt, a BNP candidate and activist in the tiny nazi November 9th Society. Carroll apparently was very keen to stand as a BNP candidate himself but was prevented by his partner’s intervention.
Source: HOPE not Hate

PAUL LOCK (Sunglasses peeping over flag)
Southampton Division EDL

Some Mad Old Tramp (Holding flag)
Do you know this man? Email us!

CLIFF DIXON (Victory sign)
Ex-English Democrats, ex- EDP, ex-edP, ex-EDS, now UKIP
Somewhat deranged nationalist keyboard warrior. 

Sources: Facebook (various), EDL News, HOPE Not Hate, BartsNotes

Portsmouth Nazi Watch comments...

If it is a choice between a few "extremists" discussing veg boxes and tie-dye peacefully in Guildhall Square or the real extremists of the far-right bringing in a rent-a-mob of convicted thugs, football hooligans and violent racists we are confident which the good people of Portsmouth will prefer. And which ones will be of more interest to Hampshire Constabulary.
We urge all those opposed to racism, ignorance and bigotry to attend Portsmouth Guildhall on Saturday morning to show solidarity against these thugs and to ask them to get orf our land!