Tuesday, 20 December 2011


We apologise for the delay in filing our report on the EDL "demonstration" against the lovely Occupy Portsmouth peeps last Saturday. We did promise a "full report" regarding the EDL's whole shambolic attack but, to be quite honest, we are even now still pissing ourselves laughing.

Portsmouth EDL's attack comprised of only five people, the smallest turn-out for an EDL event in the whole of the far-right movement's history, and with only two of whom appearing to be of the legal drinking age, it was frankly hilarious. If they really do believe they "speak for the working class of Portsmouth", then they are clearly even misguided than we could ever have thought. It is especially ironic when over three thousand REAL working class Portsmouth people had gathered just a fortnight before in the Guildhall Square to speak out for their rights.

Still pissing ourselves at the two adults who had to look after three little racist rapscallions, surely only just in long pants, trying to buy a beer in Wetherspoons.

We do promise (honest) a full report if we can stop laughing but, in the meantime, maybe we can show the nutjobs of the EDL what a REAL working class demonstration in Portsmouth, with, well more than five people, looks like...

Please Note: We have received a statement from Paul Ness, claiming to be the official spokesman for the English Defence League in Portsmouth, expelling the entire Portsmouth North East Division and stating they no longer have any claim to speak for the EDL. More to follow..