Saturday, 26 November 2011

Time Gentlemen Please...

PUB LANDLORDS, Breweries and Judges up-and-down the country are calling time on racist thugs who attempt to use public houses to mobilise or simply spread their drunken message of hate. Here we have a round-up of just a few of the cases that have made the news in the UK in recent months.

If you have any information whatsoever on the far-right using pubs and clubs in the Portsmouth area please email us, in the strictest confidence:

Racist EDL Landlord Sacked
A pub landlord has been sacked after racist and violent comments were posted on his Facebook page. Ben Green, 23, ran The Salisbury Arms in Tenison Road, Cambridge, after being given the responsibility by his parents David and Angela.
Green has now been sacked and barred from the premises. Comments on the page attributed to Green, who is a member of the EDL, included racist chants and descriptions of how he wants to go out and fight with “dirty Muslims”.
Source: Cambridge News 25/11/11

EDL Racially Abuse Pub Staff and Dishonour Poppy Day
A source at the Red Lion said officers corralled EDL members into the pub at around 11am in a bid to keep them "in one place". But he said elements within the group later became abusive towards staff, with some allegedly leaning over the counter to steal food.
Officers were called back to the premises at around 12.50pm and began to "physically push them out" of the drinking spot, he said.  "Some of the staff aren't English and they were shouting at them, telling them to say 'England is better than where I'm from', and things like that," he said.
Another source at the pub said rowdy scenes broke out as supporters were removed from the venue.  "They did not want to go," he added.
"They resisted to the point they were throwing stools at the police and bar staff. "It was not an average working day. The EDL decided to use this as a base. They were not happy that a number of our bar staff were not English."
Source: The Times, 11/11/11

EDL Mum Jailed for Glassing Pub Landlord
A MUM-OF-THREE broke down in tears as she was jailed for nine months for glassing a pub landlord.  John Higginson suffered a two-centimetre gash to his forehead when 39-year-old Tracy Manning hurled a beer glass in his face at The Upper George in Crown Street, Halifax.
Manning, who has previous convictions for assault, battery and resisting the police, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm,
Manning's involvement with the EDL is clear from the Halifax Division's Facebook page. The assault for which she has been convicted apparently took place four months ago. Although the Courier report doesn't give the exact date, it is worth noting that the EDL held a protest in Halifax on 16 April.
Source: Halifax Courier, 30/08/11

Pub Landlord Bans Racist EDL
THE landlord of a pub which hosted a meeting of the far-right protest group the English Defence League has vowed it will never happen again.
Source: Staffordshire News, 17/03/11

Landlord who served EDL loses his licence
A PUB landlord who defied police by selling alcohol to English Defence League members before their Bolton town centre demonstration last March has lost his licence.
Simon Kirkpatrick had his sentence increased after his appeal against his conviction failed.
Source: Bolton News, 22/02/11