Monday, 28 November 2011

Muslamic Ray Guns...Take Two

Arrest over video of 'racist rant' on Croydon to Wimbledon tram

Vile Racist Tram Woman, 34, arrested
 A YouTube video showing a woman swearing and hurling racist abuse at passengers on the tram has resulted in her arrested after Police saw the online video apparently showed a woman abusing ethnic minority passengers on a packed south London tram.

British Transport Police said a woman, 34, had been arrested on suspicion of a racially-aggravated offence.

The incident happened on the Croydon to Wimbledon Tramlink route. Her intelligence and eloquence reminds us of her brother (or possibly boyfriend...or both?!?) who caught the world's attention with his wise words on "muslamic rayguns". Why are so many "English Patriots" so poor at communicating in the English language?!?