Saturday, 19 November 2011

Nazi Thug Breaches Order...

Portsmouth EDL thug told to do more unpaid work
Portsmouth EDL Thug Blaise Silvester breaches order following violent attacks in November & December
Second EDL Nazi in Portsmouth Courts in one week

Nazi Thug Blaise Silvester
A THUG who was lucky to avoid going to jail after trouble flared at a racist protest outside a mosque, organised by the far-right EDL, has been back in court for breaching his community order

Following the court appearance of baby-faced Nazi Jacob 'Jake' Hyland earlier in the week, a second Portsmouth member of the extremist EDL also had his day in court (or should that be YET another day in court, following his previous convictions?!) .

Blaise Silvester, 21, of Stubbington Avenue, North End, was given a two-month curfew and told to do 100 hours of unpaid work after attacking peace protesters at a demonstration outside the Jami Mosque in Victoria Road North, Southsea. A group of football hooligans, neo-nazi extremists and local youths formed to hurl racist abuse, bottles, bricks, fireworks and roofing slates at members of the peaceful Portsmouth muslim community and many others from the local area who had gathered to defend the Mosque.

Sentencing him in June, Judge Graham White said the 21-year-old could normally have gone to jail. But a mistake by the probation service meant the judge’s hands were tied and he had to hand Silvester a community order. Silvester was given a 12-month community order and told to do 100 hours of unpaid work in the community. He also had to wear an electronic tag and stay at home everyday from 9pm to 6am for two months. Silvester should have been offered rehabilitation by the probation service for a previous offence but because he wasn’t, the judge said he couldn’t jail him.

Rather than counting himself lucky and getting on with the unpaid work, Silvester breached the order. On one occasion he shouted and swore at the officer in charge and another time he failed to turn up, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Edward Elton said Silvester was part of the nazi EDL group protesting on 13th November last year after a totally unrelated incident where a small group of extremists burned poppies in London during the minute’s silence on Armistice Day. No members of the Portsmouth Muslim community where involved in the London incident.

The original demonstration was planned by members of Portsmouth EDL football hooligans in cahoots with Doncaster football hooligans, as both teams where playing at the nearby Fratton Park Stadium that day. This follows the methodology of the far-right EDL "street movement" which has attempted to co-ordinate it's street activity with football matches to harness the hooligan and trouble-maker element to swell their ranks and spread more fear and hate.

What a lemon!
The police arrived and set up two cordons to keep the protesters and members of the Southsea mosque and its supporters apart Mr Elton said: ‘This defendant broke away from the group, through the police cordon towards those that were massed outside the mosque itself and swung wildly with fists.’ He was quickly arrested and carried off.

The offence was committed while Silvester had a six-month suspended prison sentence hanging over him for a previous assault.

The bricklayer, of Stubbington Avenue, North End, Portsmouth, pleaded guilty to affray and an assault, which was from a separate incident. The assault had taken place when Silvester was seen to kick Nigel Ives on the ground in Commercial Road, Portsmouth.

Judge Roger Hetherington added another 25 hours of community service on to the 100 Silvester was previously given.

Like father like son...
BNP Supporter and [inset] member of the Orange Order, Robert Silvester
We can hardly blame young Master Blaise for his racist politics. Those involved in monitoring the far-right in Portsmouth will recognise his father, Robert Silvester, as a well-known local BNP Supporter and member of the Orange Order who paraded the streets of Pompey in the 1980s flanked by skinhead bootboys and members of the insidious National Front.

Both father and son have the leading members of the far-right in Portsmouth listed amongst their "friends" on their Facebook pages.

The apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree!!!

Source: Portsmouth News, Blaise's Facebook Page, Rob's Facebook Page