Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Baby-Faced Nazi in the Dock...

Baby-Faced Fareham EDL Nazi Jacob Hyland
Portsmouth EDL Member Given Restraining Order for Religiously- Aggravated Harrassment
Former friends accuse him and EDL members of "intimidating and bullying witnesses"

JACOB 'JAKE' HYLAND (aka Chubzy Nfse England) is one of the more active and extreme fascist members of Portsmouth EDL and the hilariously entitled ‘Pompey EDL Youth Division’. He has even been on the Portsmouth Anarchist blog under the name ‘pompeyagainstanarchists’ arguing that the EDL are not racist.

The 18-year-old, of Mayridge, Fareham, been given a restraining order by Portsmouth Crown Court (15/11/11) for religiously-aggravated harassment after making abusive phone calls to Abbas Rahim at the Al Mahdi Centre in Fareham in October and November of last year.

Following the case friends have accused him on his Facebook profile of "intimidating and bullying witnesses with your EDL friends"  and of having received "training" for his court appearance from the vast wealth of experience amongst the football hooligans and criminal underworld who make up the Portsmouth EDL North East "division".

Hyland on the far left (ironically) with members of the "master race" including flag holder Martin "Jaco English" Jackson and his Crone sister, Gill

Hyland with fellow Pompey EDL member Adam "Buzza" Burrans pay EDL leader Stephen 'Tommy Robinson' Yaxley Lennon's prison a visit...Waxy Yaxy was "not receiving visitors" [12/09/11]

Hyland's Facebook Page the day after Court [16/11/11]

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