Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Fareham BNP Gran Issued ASBO for Being a Nasty Unhinged Racist!

Fareham BNP Bigot Margaret Walker sent vile racist abuse to strangers through Royal Mail
Margaret Walker, 73, the BNP's racist Gran from Fareham, has been given an ASBO after anonymously sending hundreds of racist poison pen letters to people and businesses.

Over a period of FIVE years she sent the vile abuse to politicians, social services, a retirement company, public houses and even Marks & Spencer in Portsmouth's Commercial Road (Co-founder Michael Marks was a Jewish Immigrant). 

Sample of Walker's Work - Click to Enlarge
Sample of Walker's Work - Click to Enlarge
The pensioner admitted sending the racist letters when she appeared at Fareham Magistrates Court on Friday 22 June. In one of Walker's leaflets she raged against people of Jewish and Islamic faiths, used sickening phrases like "Little English Children with Lots of Blood in their Knickers" and praised the race-hate being preached by the leader of the far-right British National Party, Nick Griffin, and his team of white supremacists. To thank Maggie for her stalwart support of the neo-nazi organisation, they shipped in a handful of supporters from Yorkshire and Blackpool to "demonstrate" outside the Magistrates Court.

The case was adjourned to give Walker, of Walnut Drive, Fareham, time to seek legal advice.

Her main obsession seems to be the case of missing Blackpool schoolgirl, Charlene Downes, (Blackpool is famously nowhere near Fareham) who disappeared shortly after her mother, long-term BNP supporter Karen Downes, moved a convicted child sex offender into their family home. Charlene was also said to have received death threats for mixing with "pakis"

Since her disappearance the BNP and EDL have used tragic Charlene as a cause célèbre in their crusade to spead fear and racism against ethnic minorities in the North West. After Karen Downes received overtures from the EDL, the 'street movement' had their nose put out-of-joint by the BNP, who wooed Karen out of their sweaty mits by wading in and splashing cash about in a cynical attempt to use the then 14-year-old Charlene's disappearance as a recruitment tool for the racist gang. The EDL have since acted like an unrequited ex-boyfriend and oddly now rarely mention the schoolgirl. Charlene's mother most recently was planning an evening of sex toys and male strippers to raise money and in "tribute" [sic] to her missing child.

According to Portsmouth Evening News, Grannie Walker also "hit out at the Prime Minister David Cameron, the media and the police" (lol). She was given a month-long interim ASBO and is due back in court next month when magistrates will consider making a full order, which would last between two and five years. At 73-years-of-age this order should be deemed sufficient until she pops her racist clogs.

Even notoriously right-wing Tory leader of Fareham Borough Council Cllr Sean Woodward said, "I've been on the receiving end of this as have many councillors I know.

"As a politician you get hardened to some of the stuff you get sent but having been a councillor for 6 years thats the worst I have seen.

"Its been a very poisonous campaign that the woman has been running for quite some time."

Tolerance does not mean tolerating intolerance
Portsmouth City Council's Lib Dem leader, Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, said, "Freedom of speech is very important but so is giving people respect and being truthful."

Cllr Vernon-Jackson has a good record of standing up to bigots locally, having attended the vigil in defence of the local Jami Mosque when it was besieged by a hoard of violent, drunken EDL thugs last year. We at PNW would like to add that freedom of speech does not mean freedom to spread hate. With freedom comes responsibility and that is something those who follow the far-right bigotry of the BNP will never possess. Tolerance does not mean tolerating intolerance. The noticeable rise in incidences of assaults, attacks, violence and physical intimidation against minorites after groups like the BNP and EDL move into an area are a matter of public record.

Acting Fareham and Gosport District Chief Inspector Dave Ockelford explained, "This is in no way an attempt to stop Mrs Walker from expressing her views; this action is being taken to ensure that communication methods used by her are lawful and appropriate.

"Despite a number of requests from police to stop sending the anonymous letters, Mrs Walker has continued. An anti-social behaviour order was applied for to protect the public from further upset.

"The ASBO bans her from posting or delivering anything that contains words or pictures that are foul and abusive or likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

"She is also banned from sending anything in the post unless her name, signature and return address are clearly marked."

Racist BNP leader Mr Griffin said, "They're bullying a disabled 73-year-old lady for writing a letter about something she feels strongly about."

What nazi bootboy Griffin failed to mention is that sending anonymous and threatening letters to people that label all Muslims and Jews as child murderers, paedophiles, or supporters thereof, is erroneous and nasty behaviour likely to cause alarm and distress and is simply not fitting of a woman of her age.

Oh, and speak of the devil, here's a recent picture of Nasty Nazi Nick, taken in Liverpool earlier this year whilst he attempted to get the case against a paedophile gang thrown out of court, standing proudly with the psuedo-swatstika Sun Cross*footnote, a nazi symbol representing "the white race". The symbol usually has the slogan "White Pride Worldwide" encircling it, but perhaps these Scouse National Socialists had trouble with the spelling. 

BNP leader Nick Griffin proudly stands with Neo-Nazi symbol in Liverpool, Febraury 2012
The bald guy to the left, who looks a little like a stupid cousin of comedian Andy Parsons, is none other than his "personal security" guard George Crapper (or as he for some reason prefers to call himself, George Edwards). Crapper, when not acting as a bully boy for Griffin also hires out bouncy castles, is an active Satanist and, erm, is a wannabe male escort (no word of a lie). Crapper was also at the BNP demo outside Fareham magistrates court on 22nd June, travelling all the way from Sheffield. The entire BNP demo consisted of people who had travelled hundreds of miles to support their racist Gran fan, because local people thought she was clearly deranged and smelt of wee and biscuits.

* Footnote: The Norwegian Nazi party Nasjonal Samling used a golden sun cross on a red background as its official symbol from 1933 until 1945. The cross within a circle was ascribed to Saint Olaf. The Bulgarian National Socialist movement Ratnik also used a Sun Cross as its official symbol from 1936 to 1944. Various white nationalist and Neo-Nazi groups use the Sun Cross to represent the white race, i.e., the Western or European branch of the Indo-European peoples; the Knights Party also uses it in their official flag. The symbol can also be found on the banner header of the US fascist website, Stormfront, set up by a grand wizard (just what is it with these people?) of the Ku Klux Klan.


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