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Racist EDL Leader Stephen 'Tommy Robinson' Lennon ripped a new one on BBC1

Racist EDL Leader Stephen 'Tommy Robinson' Lennon ripped a new one on BBC1's THE BIG QUESTIONS on Sunday 1st April 2012...What an April Fool!!!

Article courtesy of EDL NEWS

Having only just escaped Denmark by the skin of his teeth, Tommy Robinson's weekend did not get any better when he arrived back in the UK to appear on BBC's The Big Questions. A large group of anti-fascists were waiting outside the school  in Manchester where it was being filmed.

Tommy's appearance was rather odd; out went the Stone Island footy hooligan look and in came a comb-over, which would not look too out of place in the Hitler Youth, and a nice sensible pair of brogues. Perhaps he had to flee Denmark without his clothes and borrow some from Salford BNP.

Tommy looked like he had had a rather heavy night on the Stella and started the debate in a clearly twitchy manner.

Maybe the BBC hair stylist deliberately made him look like he was from the Hitler Youth as part of a mass conspiracy by the BBC against the EDL.

Things didn't really get any better when presenter, Nicky Campbell rounded on him about jokes he made about Anders Behring Brievik. Tommy immediately went on the defence and tried to claim that he was drunk and impersonating a frog.

If Tommy had arrived at the studio thinking he would get an easy ride like he did on the BBC's Newsnight, those thoughts were soon dispelled in Campbell's introduction when he  mentioned the dreadful turnout in Aarhus yesterday. Tommy was forced to admit only 15 of them could be bothered to travel from the UK for a Europe-wide anti-Islam meeting.

Journalist Shaista Aziz brought up the four EDL Yorkshire Division members who were jailed last week for attacking two innocent teenagers, slashing one across the face with a stanley knife.  Despite them being known EDL members Tommy claimed they were nothing to do with the EDL, which is his default positions when EDL members get caught and jailed for violent attacks on Muslims.

Even at this early stage of the debate he was clearly several metres out of his depth and resorted to misquoting Winston Churchill.

Amongst the othe guests were Dr Matthew Goodwin, the author of New British Fascism; Mohammed Ansar, organiser of the e-petition to ban the EDL; journalist, Shaista Aziz; Jamie Bartlett from Demos, and Abha Pandya from Discourse UK.

Once again Tommy's supporters embarrassed him. When asked why his members turn up at demos wearing 'pig masks' Tommy ummed-and-erred and stated that he himself had never worn a pig mask. His former support of the British National Party also came back to bite him when Cambell quoted BNP leader, Nick Griffin, referring to the EDL as 'good hearted morons'

Campbell went on to not misquote Tommy from his Tower Hamlets speech where he threatened all Muslims and not just extremists; which resulted in the EDL leader squirming in his seat, it was almost too painful to watch.

Tommy asked the panel to define far right and went on to claim he was not far right but the fact that he was on a programme representing the far right in a debate about whether Britain was too complacent about the far right seemed to escape him.

If any more proof was needed that Tommy refuses to debate or engage with the Muslim community, it came in the form of a dinner invitation at the home of Mohammed Ansar, Tommy had no interest in taking him up on the offer and defaulted into sulky child mode and spent the rest of the debate trying to talk over people with his brain cells vibrating like a small army of 1970's washing machines.

Unable to conduct an entire interview without telling a blatant lie about his less than admirable past, Tommy tried to get out of a question about the Nazi elements in the EDL by claiming that he was only in the BNP for a year and he headbutted a Nazi at the Blackburn demo.  This is of course as far from the truth as you can get.  By his own admission he turned up at the demonstration under the influence of various substances and headbutted Alan McKee, an ex British serviceman, after he mistook him for someone who accused him of being a grass.

Tommy's tangled web of lies and deceit always seems to catch up with him.

Questions were asked last night as to why the BBC were flying in a far right extremist and giving him airtime at the expense of the taxpaying public after it was revealed by the Daily Telegraph that they had paid for his flight back from his disastrous meeting in Denmark.

Whilst Tommy fared slightly better than Nick Griffin did on Question Time, there was not much in it and he was clearly a mess. If that was a result of a heavy night drinking and a humiliating trip to Denmark, we do not know but whenever Tommy appears in one of those situations you know he is gong to make a pigs ear out of it.

Tommy usually tries to change the subject when asked a difficult question, he was not getting away with it with Campbell, which threw him. Tommy craves publicity and today he got it and didn't like it one bit.

Tommy uses Neo-Nazi website to try to discredit opponent

After leaving the studio, Tommy was clearly annoyed at being beaten in debate by Dr Goodman and the EDL official Twitter account was used to post a link to a derogatory article about him.
The source of the link? A white supremicist nazi version of Wikipedia called Metapedia.

Metapedia's (NSFW) article on Adolf Hitler is quite an eye opener.

Source: EDL News
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