Thursday, 1 March 2012

Portsmouth Fascists Banned from Facebook

Racist Profile Picture Banned
Up to half-a-dozen of Portsmouth's most extreme hard-line racists were suspended from social networking site Facebook this morning after uploading a vile racist slogan to the site as their profile pictures.

The laughably named 'South Coast Infidels', who consider themselves the fascist wing of Portsmouth Division of the English Defence League (EDL), have got themselves into a right old racist tizz after one of their members came a cropper, and to the attention of the Police, whilst spreading their nasty nazi views. 

Our source at Hampshire Constabulary informs us that this (even more) lunatic fringe of the racist EDL have been pushing their luck whilst spreading their bigotry of late and whilst criminal proceedings are in progress we are unable to comment further. 

We can, however, reveal that after discussing this "disgraceful attack" on their freedom to spread race hate, fear and violence by the "leftist government" [sic], leading lights of the group Kessa Nfs Grove (aka Kerry Vince), Chubzy Nfse England (aka Jacob Hyland), Jaco PuntCuncher English (aka Martin Jackson), Amish Dan (aka Daniel Cope), Chris Bright (aka James Reid) and George James all changed their profile picture to the offending one featured above.

Within 12-hours Facebook had not only removed each of their profile pictures but suspended every single one of their accounts on the social networking site, as they were not only in clear violation of the site's terms and conditions but also committing a criminal act in the UK. The proud aryan infidels then had to whimper back, tails between their legs, and promise to be good little members of the master race before being granted access to their accounts.

We hope they have learnt their lesson and will start to behave like more rational, decent and tolerant members of the online site as well as the broader real-life community.

Members of the 'Master Race' found their accounts suspended by Facebook