Friday, 23 March 2012

Portsmouth EDL: Islamaphobia, Anti-Semitism and Murder of Muslim Babies

The appearance of the Spring sunshine seems to have set off our local 'patriot' [sic] community with a barrage of racist bigotry and hatred spewing fourth from their tiny minds over the past week. So much so we are exposing FOUR nasty nazis all in ONE post - now that is real value in real terms!!!

First up we have Margaret 'Mags Boomer' Brophy. Although this Belfast born catholic is not actually in Portsmouth this haggard EDL keyboard warrior has unfortunately formed a bond with the City and it's local 'infidels'; she visits the local EDL pages of hate on Facebook on a daily basis and is a close friend of Kerry Vince [Kessa Grove] and her fiancĂ©, Cromer based neo-nazi Mickey 'English' Bayliss. Bayliss has come under the scrutiny of our friends at EDL News in the past and you can read more here.

Mags clearly had got out of bed on the wrong side on the morning she decided to post this all over Facebook, including her own profile and at least half-a-dozen far-right EDL groups:

Mags shows her theological knowledge...*cough*
Mags diatribe claims "Pisslam [hilarious stuff Mags, you should be on the stage! - ED] is the ideaology [sic] of goat fucking, kiddie raping, land stealing, slave taking, genital cutting, kidnapping, head cutting, bomb lobbing cunts! ( Oh Hang on I forgot these wife geating, little boy buggering, donkey humping, daughter slaying......FUCKWITS)"

Ironically what she describes could quite as easily have also been taken from the Bible, and as a self-proclaimed Catholic, exactly the sort of behaviour it seems she endorses herself. She is often keen to focus on "allah being a paedo" but never makes any mention of cases involving her own Catholic Priests or the multitude of white "Anglo-Saxon" paedophiles who regularly make court appearances. Mags herself went to the Catholic Little Flower Girls' School in Belfast and we wonder just what they are teaching them there! It certainly doesn't seem very Christian!!!

There is also a complete absence in her outpourings of any mention of the high number of paedophiles and convicted sex attackers amogst the ranks of the EDL. More information over at EDL News here.


No doubt our readers will be wondering what baby-faced neo-nazi bootboy and Nazi Watch regular Jake 'Chubsy' Hyland has been up to of late, after being briefly turfed off of Facebook for being a bit of a racist. Well, he was clearly infuriated by the Jewish conspiracy to silence a 'true English Patriot' [sic] and wasn't afraid to tell it as it was...on the social networking site founded by a Jew:

Our Jakey slags off 'Jew' Facebook...on Facebook. He doesn't like the Police either it seems!!!

Jake, who was in court last year for harassing an Iman now turns his many talents to a spot of anti-Semitism: "haha fuck you facebook and zuckerberg you no good left wing jew piece of shit! and fuck hampshire police! we will never be silenced!"

Ironic that he is using Facebook to attack Facebook and claiming he'll never be silenced...after being silenced. Yet another EDL keyboard warrior his recent attempt to attack the peaceful Occupy Portsmouth movement resulting in him standing behind some bushes and calling a young mother a "fucking lezzer" before scampering home to his own Mummy for his tea!


Another return to our pages comes in the form of Mother and Son EDL racists old crone Gill Jackson, who seems to be permanently chewing on a wasp, and her thuggish oaf of a son, Mark Jackson [Jaco English], who openly advocate the murder or babies...not all babies [that would be sick after all!], just the 'muslim' ones:

Portsmouth's Mother & Son Racists Gill and Martin Jackson
Posting up a link to a spurious article in The Sun newspaper about Muslim children, Jaco assures his Mother, "its fine, I can kill 'em quicker than they can produce 'em". Gill replies "Shag said - it takes 9 months to make 1 but only a second to kill 1 - lmfaro"

It makes you wonder what kind of sick person finds the murder of babies funny... 

Jaco adds "kick the baby" but Gill, sensibly seeking to be a calming influence corrects her boy, "lets be precise here - kick the MUSLIM baby not ALL babies lol". LOL indeed!!! 

Jaco recinds to his Mother's note of caution, "kick the stinking inbred muslim baby" to which his Mother replies "lolzzzzzz". Hilarious stuff indeed!

The more the EDL are revealed not as 'patriots' and not campaigners against 'extremism' but for what they truly are; foul, far-right, neo-nazi racists and bigots, the better. And the beauty of it is we don't have to do any real work to do it - they are doing it for themselves!!!