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Portsmouth's Nazi Pub Exposed!

Barry Smith, the Alma Arm's Nazi Landlord
Portsmouth Nazi Watch can finally reveal the details of our latest investigation into the activities of the far-right in Portsmouth.

Rather worryingly these centre around the Landlord of a licensed Public House that has been used on many occasions to host meetings, conferences and film screenings for neo-nazi extremists and football hooligans.

Barry Malcolm Smith is the Landlord and Licensee for the Alma Arms in Highland Road, Southsea. He is also an active member of both the neo-nazi British National Party [BNP] and the racist English Defence League [EDL]. 

If that isn't quite disgusting and reprehensible enough he is also an open and vocal supporter of the illegal Ulster Volunteer Force [UVF], a designated terrorist organisation in the United Kingdom and United States and a proscribed organisation in the Republic of Ireland.

The Alma Arms cloaks racism behind patriotism

What may surprise and shock readers even more is that the Alma Arms is actually owned by respectable national pub chain Enterprise Inns Limited, who are no doubt completely unaware that one of their establishments is being used to organise, promote and diseminate vile racist and fascist ideas and propaganda amongst the local community, as well as house a Publican who openly supports a banned terrorist organisation responsible for the murder of hundreds of people.

Since taking over the Alma, Smith has even changed the colour of the pub's frontage from a warm terracotta brown to bright white. We are unsure if he did  this purposefully or was oblivious to the poignant reflection of this formerly friendly local boozer in the Eastney community containing a far more sinister, white-supremacist agenda behind it's frontage.

Secret Neo-Nazi Conference at the Alma Arms

We first realised something was going seriously wrong at the Alma Arms when we came across the picture, below, of Gosport British National Party [BNP] activist Patricia Day [aka Sunny Martin] standing next to leader of the fascist organisation, Nick Griffin. Almost immediately we recognised the background of the image to be the décor to rear function room of the Highland Road pub.
BNP leader Nick Griffin with Gosport BNP racist Patricia Day in Alma Arms function room, 11/10/11

We were astonished to discover that the leader of the neo-nazi BNP vistied Portsmouth, and a little digging revealed he had actually been the keynote speaker at a top secret conference of far-right extremists on the south coast held at the Alma on Sunday 11th October 2011. Further more, BNP member and Landlord of the Alma Arms, Smith, had given the fascists the venue entirely for free, on the condition it was kept hush-hush.

Of course, intelligence isn't really the calling card of facism and not only couldn't Gosport BNP member Patricia Day [aka Sunny Martin],who oddly has a further three Facebook profiles here, here and here, couldn't resist the urge to publish the picture with Nazi poster boy, white supremacist and holocaust denier Griffin, her son and  leading Gosport BNP violent nutjob Gavin Miller [who also has a second Facebook profile] went one better and uploaded video footage of Griffin's entire speech, which was so boring and long-winded it had to be posted in three parts, onto YouTube! If you can sit through part one, below, then you did better than us! You can however clearly see this secret conference of southern nazis taking place in the function room of the Alma:

Regional organisers of Solent BNP, Gosport's Miller and Portsmouth racist Mark Lovelace [Mark Pompey], who also has a second Facebook profile here, also took the opportunity to have a lovely snap at the Alma with their führer:
Portsmouth BNP's Mark Lovelace, BNP führer Nick Griffin and Gosport BNP thug Gavin Miller at the Alma

The Alma's Nazi Landlord

Barry Smith 'seig heiling' above 6.57 Crew football hooligan flag

At the beginning of 2012 the Alma's landlord Barry Smith, who can be seen above presenting the Hitler Salute, Seig Heil, posted a deluge of racist and extremist comments to his profile on the Facebook social networking site. Towards the end of January word reached him of Portsmouth Nazi Watch and it's successful campaign in exposing the deranged bigots of the south coast. Overnight his wall was sanitised, with pretty much all of his vile posts disappearing into the ether...or so he thought. For the first time we can now release some of the comments he made, which included:

• Stating that President Barack Obama was a member of "the muslim brotherhood" and should be murdered.

• That black teenager Stephen Lawrence, who was murdered by a gang of white racists, was infact killed by another "nigger" and deserved it.

• Posting a link to a story reporting on London Taxi drivers that refused to pick-up black customers. He commented, "I don't blame them, neither would I."

He also tagged himself in a number of pictures posted by others promoting the extremist far-right EDL:

Alma Arms Landlord tags himself in racist EDL group's propaganda

As well as being a regular watering hole and meeting room [provided for free to racists, of course] it is also used regularly by EDL splinter group March for England [MfE], the racist football hooligans, also for free:

MfE Leader and 6.57 football hooligan Pompey Dave Smeeton [from Fareham], left at the Alma Arms

It's Not What You Know...
Celebrating his birthday at the beginning of December Smith declared his wish list from Santa, posting this image not once, but twice:

Well, where did you lose it, silly?!?

And then, just in case Santa missed it the first two times, he decided to post it yet again in text:

We are unsure what country it is that he wants back or who on earth could manage to nick an entire nation, but he is very certain that he wants it back. If you have found or seen this missing land mass please contact us in the first instance and we will try and reunite the tubby little racist with this mysterious country.

As the old saying goes, it's not what you know, it's who you know, and Smith knows some of the most unpleasant racists, thugs and hooligans in Portsmouth. His friends list on the Facebook social network alone is crammed full of BNP, EDL and MfE members who don't shy from posting racist trash all over his wall with apparent impunity.

Rather endearingly, head-honcho of Portsmouth BNP, Mark Lovelace, tagged him, as a leading supporter, in his simply divine Happy New Year greeting:

Pompey BNP leader Mark Lovelace wishes Smith a Happy New Year

And it's always nice to receive a cheery hello from the EDL's Nfs Eva [she is also an admin of the openly Nazi South Coast Infidels FB Group and, astonishingly, has the EDL logo actually tattooed onto the back of her neck] and convicted racist and Nazi Watch regular Jake 'Chubzy' Hyland:
Smith's friend list is almost entirely EDL and BNP members

In fact Barry Smith very almost came to Chubzy's aid in December when the baby-faces fascist attempted to organise an attack on the Portsmouth Occupy campaigners. As Chubzy could only find four little chums willing to join his disasterous 'crusade' [sic] they were all seen on their mobiles desperately trying to ring round in an attempt to bolster their numbers from the ranks of the local far-right. Shortly afterwards Chubzy then met up with Smith outside Portsmouth & Southsea train station. It seems even Smith wasn't daft enough to waste his time massaging the Chubsters ego and decided against getting involved in this retarded debacle and so he went shopping instead.

Smith's Support for Terrorism

A member of Portsmouth Nazi Watch popped into the Alma one sunny afternoon and was surprised to find Smith sat at the bar all on his lonesome; the pub otherwise completely empty, being about as popular as recent EDL demos. Smith started regaling our colleague with how much he hated the Celtic football team and in fact wouldn't even let a Catholic into his pub! He then bought our investigator, both a Catholic and Celtic supporter, a pint!

Our colleague grew rather alarmed when Barry Smith stood bolt upright and screamed "Fuck Bobby Sands, he's deid" repeatedly as Neil Diamond's crooning rendition of Sweet Caroline drifted from the Juke Box. For those not in the know this has apparently become a tradition amongst the hooligan element of Glasgow Rangers FC.

Smith is so proud of his support for the UVF terrorist organisation, which has murdered 500 people and is very much illegal, that he has gone to the trouble of posting images of the banned paramilitary organisation on his Facebook wall:

Barry Smith AND the Alma Arms tagged in terrorist image

Barry Smith tags himself in UVF terrorist image

...and again.

...and again!

We would caution all people of sound mind and decent morals to avoid the Alma Arms in Highland Road, Southsea and would suggest that the Enterprise Inn chain considers a little more carefully who it installs to run their establishments.

On a last note, this rather odd little post on Barry Smith's wall attracted our attention. We have no idea what it is about but we surmise Smith's wooing technique is about as popular as his extremist views!!!

How to win friends and influence people...


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